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Treatments :

Custom Combination Massage $109 - $199
Custom to your needs based on your daily stressors and areas that need focus. Combining techniques such as deep tissue that slowly works through the thick fascia band surrounding your muscle fibers to let go of tension causing spasms in areas that need more focus followed by a relaxing therapeutic massage that helps you mentally slip away in a much-needed rest and reset. 

60 - 120 min sessions only 

Neuromuscular Cupping Massage $159 - $189
Carefully designed treatment to approach fascia and specific muscle groups to target destressed areas starting from deep to superficial. The use of silicone cups that are applied throughout the entire session help force blood to the deoxygenated areas that are being compromised by tension. 

90 - 120 min sessions only 

Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJD) $159
Combination of two certified techniques is used to assist the Head, Mouth (internal and external), Neck. TMJD work is an intense focused driven slow treatment to help release mouth, neck and jaw tension. Designed for those who suffer from grinding, jaw clenching (due to stress while awake or asleep) lock jaw and tension headaches. Facial massage and the use of glass facial cups are included along with glove wearing. 

90 Min session only.

Prenatal Massage $139
Mom to be this one is for you! Giving you time to quiet all the craziness that comes with being pregnant and gives those "mom brain" scenarios a REST. A moment to not only help feel that your body is yours again; but also relax your nerves, help reduce swelling in your legs, feet and hands.  

* Mom to be will also receive a custom chunky blanket made by the owner of Namaste My Day 
90 Min session 

Hot Stone Massage $139 - $179
Enjoy this amazing combination massage of heat and therapeutic wrapped into one as the stones help to reduce stress and promote much needed relaxation. 
* Ask about adding Silicone cups to your hot stone treatment 

90 - 120 min sessions only ​

*Prices subject to change. 


   Gift Certificates Available.
By phone or email
Available By Appointment Only.
Weekend and Evening by email request Only
No Walk-ins 

Add On: 
Silicone Cups / Facial glass cups $20 
*Except Prenatal 
TMJD $30
Synergy Stones $15
Foot Treatment $20

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